Practice Management Consulting

  • Billing audit, charge capture analysis and A/R analysis (For both in-house billing operations and outside billing companies)
  • Compliance reviews (Includes an on-site OR visit plus chart review)
  • Review of billing processes at all sites to insure no charges are being lost
  • Educating MDs and CRNAs on proper documentation, billing rules and compliance issues
  • Educating billing company personnel (coders, data entry personnel, payment posters) on coding, data entry and payment posting issues to insure accuracy
  • Anesthesia record and billing sheet design work
  • Benefit package analysis and development
  • Overhead expense analysis
  • Staffing analysis to determine optimal staffing level at all sites
  • Development of CRNA employment packages
  • Income distribution analysis and implementation
  • Contract review (employment, hospital and managed care)
  • Budget preparation and review
  • Assistance with potential group mergers
  • Evaluating need for group stipends from hospitals
  • Analysis of new business opportunities (Surgicenters, hospitals)
  • Evaluating current group governance with recommendations for change if necessary
  • Assisting groups who are setting up new corporations
  • Assisting groups with their yearly tax planning
  • Evaluating performance of a group’s in-house billing operation
  • Merging clinical, financial and billing issues for best results

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