Medical Professional Liability Insurance Program

Our medical professional liability program includes coverage for:
  • Physicians, Surgeons, and Dentists
  • Industry standard coverage forms, accurate loss costs, and manual rules as well as a variety of multi state optional endorsements.
  • Hospital professional liability
  • Miscellaneous professional liability (Just ask!)

With our medical professional liability programs, you get:
  • Comprehensive coverage and optional endorsements that address the needs of today's Physician.
  • A range of options to tailor your policies to your specific risks.

The hospital professional liability policy provides:
  • Coverage to hospitals for liability arising out of acts or omissions in providing professional health-care services
  • Coverage to employees, including physicians and nurses
  • Occurrence or claims-made coverage
  • Emergency room coverage per incident

The physicians, surgeons, and dentists professional liability policy provides:
  • Individual coverage for a physician's, surgeon's, or dentist's liability for injury to patients arising out of an act or omission in providing or failing to provide professional medical or dental services
  • Coverage for the partnership, association's, limited liability company's, or corporation's liability
  • A separate aggregate limit for each individual named insured physician and a separate aggregate limit for the partnership, association, limited liability company, or corporation
  • Insurance on an excess basis when used with a hospital professional liability policy
  • Occurrence or claims-made coverage

New miscellaneous occurrence and claims-made coverage forms provide professional liability coverage for:
  • Allied health-care providers
  • Blood banks
  • Diagnostic testing laboratories
  • Optometrists
  • Veterinarians

The new multi state optional endorsements include:
  • Deductible liability endorsements
  • A contractual liability coverage extension endorsement
  • Extended reporting period endorsements for claims-made policies

New multi state optional endorsements for the physicians, surgeons, and dentists professional liability policy include:
  • An additional insured endorsement that extends coverage to include employees
  • Exclusions for partnership, limited liability company, association, or corporation for risks with only one individual named as an insured
  • Amendments, such as an endorsement to provide combined aggregate limit of insurance for Coverage A and B
  • A consent-to-settle endorsement stating that the insurer will not settle a claim or suit without the consent of the named insured

New multi state optional endorsements for the hospital professional liability policy include:
  • An additional insured endorsement covering health-care professionals not employed by the policyholder
  • An amendment including separate aggregate limits of insurance for several designated locations

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