Does Your Medical Malpractice Rate Need a Checkup?

It's commonly beleived having a great Medical Malpractice Insurance rate is an easy solution to low reimbursements and high overhead costs, but what if a malpractice suite happens to you? Suppose one of the Hospitals you have staff privileges elected to pick up your Malpractice Insurance coverage and gave you three carriers to choose from.

  • What would be your concerns?
  • How would you go about selecting your Medical Malpractice Insurance carrier?
  • What questions would you ask and what would you need to know?

Every working day at your practice, you face countless liabilities you're not even aware of -- staff mistakes, unfair outcome expectations, medication side-effects, etc..

You want peace of mind that your Malpractice Insurance firm will be there for you if a law suit impacts you.

Things you need to ask yourself:

  • How will my time be affected if a claim occurs?
  • What will I be expected to do?
  • How good is the Law firm defending me?
  • Will I have the firm's top guy or an inexperienced Jr. Associate?
  • How will my carriers choice of expert testimony affect my case?

Having the answer to these questions will definitely affect your decision since each one can become critical in the event you have a claim. Strictly looking at price may seem painless today, but may cause severe financial hemorrhaging down the road, just because a few important considerations were overlooked. You can take simple steps right now that will save you time, protect your professional reputation, and insulate your personal assets.

Naturally, we can meet to discuss all these factors. Once I have your information, we can contact you and even meet with you. Something so important to your practice needs special attention to all details. Discover why we have been so succesful helping Physicians like yourself make wise decisions concerning the right Medical Malpractice Insurance.

We look forward to working with you and wish you all the success in your practice! Request a quote now or contact us with any questions by clicking on the links below.

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